Welcome to SRARC.com, official website of the:
A Metal Detecting club located on the Tampa Bay, Florida coast
"Dedicated to Preserving Florida's History"

6476 Fairway View Blvd
St. Petersburg, Florida 33707 | email

Next Meeting: 10-27-2014 | directions

SRARC is a proud supporter of:
The Federation Of Metal Detector & Archeological Clubs

This website is dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting.
Look around and have fun. If you are interested in joining a club in the Tampa Bay area, you are welcome to attend our monthly club meeting held at 7:00 PM on the fourth Monday of every month. No meeting is held in the month of December.

Lost something valuable to you?

As a club we have returned more than 310 lost items. We would be happy to help recover yours. Please contact us at this Email or 727-415-7968, 425-503-8419, 727-421-9293. Donations accepted.

Click Here to View our recoveries at Ringfinders Recoveries
Click Here to see the Fox 13 News clip about the SRARC Ringfinders community service Fox News Clip

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